Advertising and Public Relations

Even though most of my work experience has been focused on sales and marketing, there is one part of that industry that I have never really worked with much because the companies have always been so small. The public relations part of sales and marketing is sometimes lumped in with either sales or marketing, but once the company gets big enough to warrant it own public relations department, you get to work with an Advertising Agency and go beyond the basic press releases and small budget advertising into the big leagues.

Several years ago I got a small taste of working in public relations when a non profit asked me to help with their PR committee. We were in charge of getting publicity for the charity’s fund raising events. We wrote press releases, radio commercials, and had posters and flyers printed and distributed for each event.

That was all volunteer work and I learned a lot. For my real jobs, the closest I ever got to working with an advertising agency was when I worked at the Medspa. They had deep pockets and put our PR work out for bid.

Four different agencies prepared a pitch for the Board and Directors, which included TV commercial, radio spots and a full blown media campaign, including new logos and branding. It was amazing to see the talent behind all the pitches and presentations. We picked a great company and had measurable results just 2 months into their campaign. I was totally impressed and appreciate what true professionals can do for a company.

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