Faded Photographs

Today was a perfect day for getting a start on spring cleaning. I cleaned out the hall closet and got started on the closet in the guest bedroom, when I came across a big box of old photographs. I sat down on the floor and started going through the photos. So many of them have started to fade that I am going to have to get them scanned before they are totally lost. I need to look into photo scanning services so I can get them digitized and then restored. At the very least they need color correction to fix the fading, but some of the old ones have red eye and other blemishes that need manual touch ups.

My sister asked if I would get all the old photos of family scanned and send her a copy. I hadn’t thought about photos to cd but that would be a good way to share all the old photos with everyone in the family. I could find a bunch of photos from our childhood and put them on a digital frame for my mom. She has a birthday coming up and doesn’t use a computer for much of anything. But a digital photo frame would show off all the photos without needing to be put on a computer.

Besides photo scanning, I would love to find someone who could take my old Super 8mm films and put them onto a DVD for me. I just don’t have the time and the equipment to do all of that myself.

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