Home Ownership

Posted by Gaylord Campbell

It feels so great to finally own my own home. I have been saving for about five years, and just waiting for the right time to strike. I wanted to make sure that I got the best deal possible. It was important to me that I find a house that I would stay in for a long time, and at the right price. I think I did the right thing and decided to buy right when the market was hitting bottom. Once I closed on the house I got really carried away with home improvements. I got so distracted thinking about all of the renovations I was going to do that I neglected simple things. I totally forgot to connect my clearwireless, so when I moved in I didn’t have access. That was so dumb of me! Good thing I didn’t forget to connect the electricity too. Now that I am finally in the house I feel so independent and happy. It’s so nice that I can’t hear what my neighbors are doing and saying and that I don’t have to ride an elevator 12 floors up every night.

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