Marks Going Away Party

C3 Going Away Party for Mark

Found this old photo of Cindy and Mark, with Mark’s wife at the time, Kerri, at the going away party that I held for Mark. It was a rough time at the company and Mark had been hoping for a promotion, which didn’t happen, so he resigned.

I had to fight for every little morsel for my people, and that year we all got shafted hard when it came time for raises. I was limited to a 3% raise across the board for all of my departments, and was told that if I wanted anyone else to get more than 3% that I had to take a commensurate amount away from one of my other workers. I decided to give them the 3% across the board, and that wasn’t enough to keep Mark.

Mark had just graduated from college and had just gotten married to Kerri. I don’t blame him a bit for leaving the company. The good news is that about 6 months later the company won a big contract with the Navy and we had to hire more people. I was able to get good money for a few positions, so I tracked down Mark and asked him to come back. He came back, with a nice raise and is still with the company today. I heard from Cindy that Mark and Kerri divorced a few years ago, and so did Cindy and her husband, Richard. Me, too.

Funny how times change.

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