Coordinating Inventory and Shipping

The reunion of my former co-workers at the computer integration company was a huge success, judging by the dozens of photos and short videos that were posted on Facebook. I was not able to make travels plans quickly enough to join them this time and I’m so sorry that I missed it. I especially regret having missed the chance to see my former manager and the guy who took took my place when I left. I have always been curious if they ever got to buy and implement the warehouse management software that I had investigated and recommended. It would have made things so much easier on everyone, especially at the end of quarter rushes.

The guy that I had worked for left the company shortly after I did, moving to a much bigger company and a much bigger compensation package. I wish I had still been in the area to join him at that new company. He got in touch with me about joining the company, but I had already moved away and was committed to other things. I know he had taken the main points of my research in evaluating third party logistics software and springboarded many changes in the several years he was there.

Anyone else in the logistic industry will be happy to learn about the 3pl warehousing and logistics solutions that they offer. Logistics is a huge responsibility and can be very stressful when things go wrong. There are so many factors that come into play when you try to manage inventory, match it to hardware production, and have to deal with shipping and transit.


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