Expecting Free Advice

The real estate network likes to brag about how all the other networked office across the country can help each other. They have a system where you can post a short message in their special format and it goes instantly across their network into the email inbox of every broker and every agent.

Usually the brokers are asking each other for two types of things. They either need a contact name of a decision maker that they can use to drop names in a pitch, or they ask for testimonials from other offices that they can use in a pitch.

But lately I have seen a lot of requests from brokers who are trying to list a business for sale instead of a real estate deal. They are asking for help in evaluating a business to set a fair market value on the business, its assets and its property. Well, I’m sorry but a business valuation is what business brokers do – and it is a specialized part of the industry that they learn over the years. It is not fair to ask a business broker to give advice on a business valuation for free. You are taking business away from them and expecting them to help you.

Sorry, homey – it does not work like that.

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