Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

After my grandmother died last year, I decided that I would need to check up on my grandfather a lot more often. He insisted that he still wanted to live in his house. I offered to let him come live with us, but he is pretty stubborn.

So now I go over once a week and cook up a few meals that can be put in the freezer and do his grocery shopping and clean up his house a little. There is not that much to do since it is just him living there. I also help him pay his bills twice a month.

I noticed that his electricity bill was pretty high considering he lived by himself. So I went online and found him a cheaper rate.

He is always so appreciative every time I come over. I just wish he would change him mind and move in with my family. We have plenty of space, and he could have his own room and bath on the main floor. Maybe I will give him another year before insisting that he move in. I know that he has to be so lonely now that my grandmother is gone.

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