A Smartphone for the Lower End Market

Some people must have the latest and greatest of everything, and others are reluctant to climb on board anything until it is their only choice. Take the Facebook Timeline, for example. Some people heard it was available and eagerly jumped on. Those are the early adapters and almost none of them cried and whined about wanting to convert back to the old Facebook layout. But there are still some people today that have not converted to the Timeline and they are screaming about how they don’t want it. Those late bloomers are the ones who drive me nuts.

If you want the most expensive and full featured smartphone, you can easily spend between $600 and $800 on one. But some of us would like a lower end option. Enter the Pantech Burst.


This phone was introduced at a full retail price of $259 in January, but AT&T is offering it for only $49 if you sign a two year service contract. In fact, you might be able to get an even better deal if you stop by an AT&T retail store and negotiate with a sales rep. I’ve heard some stories of getting the phone free. That’s a sweet savings and its a good, functional android phone with slide out keyboard and camera included.

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