Internet Marketing Includes the Middle East

Sometimes we all tend to focus on our own little fishbowls and forget that there is a big world out there. The internet is truly an international tool and it leads the way in a better understanding of, and tolerance for, people of other cultures and religions. The lifestyles of our European cousins are far different from the daily lives of people in the Far East or India.

While at a party last night with a lot of experienced world travelers, I asked the question of several people, “If you could go anywhere in the world next month for a week’s visit, where would you choose to go?” And I was surprised at how many people answered with, “Israel.” I guess I was surprised because that is very low on my personal list of places to visit, but the whole Middle East turmoil is very upsetting to me. On the other hand, all of the changes taking place throughout the Middle East means opportunity to making things better. Change also means the opportunity to make money or influence the purchasing of millions of people.

For people in the IT industry, search engine marketing in the Middle East is a wide open possibility. Did you know that there are over 5 million people in the Middle East who are active Twitter users? And how many more have Facebook accounts, blogs and web sites?

My good friend, Ginny, has traveled all over the world with her husband and she says that the opportunities for American products and services is huge in the Middle East. The people who live there have money and high standards for their homes and businesses. So much of the cityscape is sparkling new buildings, with nice cars, first rate hotels and restaurants and people who embrace technology in their lives. If this market is something that your company can serve, you should look into introducing yourself to those opportunities.

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