Have you seen the Zohan Movie?

Happened to watch a funny movie starring Adam, Sandler called, “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.” The movie was on cable last night and I was just flipping through the channels and found it had just started so I sat down and watched all three hours of it. It was unusually long but worth every minute!

“Zohan” was funny in a slapstick and juvenile humor way. A lot of physical stunts and silliness, so you didn’t have to worry too much during the movie about a plot. Really good acting and excellent script.

The story line was very simple, there was a love interest, and some bad guys fighting the good guys. But mostly it was just funny with some bizarre scenes, like the guys standing around in the living room practicing soccer with a live cat.

I wonder who thought of the hackey sack cat scene? And some politically incorrect lines that I’m surprised there was no public outcry, such as “If it wasn’t the Israeli’s, who else would spray paint the building with “Arabs Go Home?”” and the next line is “I don’t know, how about 99% of the rest of the world?” It was funny but it was edging on insensitive.

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