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Cool Mapping Software

Rockville 20 mile radius

One of my clients has a business in Rockville and was trying to decide if his marketing should include people within a 20 mile radius of his Rockville, Maryland office or if he should push it out to a 30 mile radius.

I found a web site link that shows not only the 20 mile radius on a map but lists all the major cities and towns with actual mileage from the center point. I love mapping software and this was perfect for what we needed to decide that 20 miles covers the area we need.

Tracking and Managing Inventory

One of the guys who used to work for me at the computer company just found me on Facebook and asked to be a FB friend. Of course I was thrilled to find him again. We used to have a lot of fun at that company, managing inventory before the invention of ERP software that makes the job so much easier.

We used paper forms instead of Manufacturing Software to track and manage inventory. It was an exhausting job, with a lot of overtime at the end of each quarter as the company tried to ship out everything they could throw in a box to make their numbers good for the stockholders.

My department got no respect from management and they pushed us around from one division to another as the company grew and re-organized. I start out working in the support division, then worked under Purchasing, and eventually worked in Logistics. I have no idea why they never thought it would be smart to put us under Manufacturing. I think I would have preferred working for Joe – he was a smart man and handled his division the best he could.

It would have been really nice to have Distribution Software so we could have planned out what product levels we needed and scheduled the shipments to coincide with what the Manufacturing division was producing. We were always playing catch up and wasted a lot of money in unnecessary overtime charges by not knowing what was needed. Plus we had items become obsolete very quickly, so we could not afford to produce and store a lot of product without an accurate forecast. Thankfully, most companies that size have the benefit of ERP software now and the managers don’t have the frustrations and late nights that we did.