Back up and Storage Solutions

One of my consulting clients has decided to go to the Cloud for everything. That means that I have to join him in the cloud to access his files. I have a little experience experience with the Cloud, but have not really embraced it because of my own admitted trust issues. I think that the right Data storage might help me get over that level of insecurity.

My first try with the Cloud was very frustrating. I had trouble logging in, I never felt confident that my files were secure from hackers, and I worried about losing all my files if the Cloud was to fail or quit without warning.

Now I have a higher comfort level with the reliability of my Cloud services. And even more than that, I have found ways to backup and store my data so that losing everything is not a threat anymore.

Part of my recent learning curve was understanding the security measures and figuring out how to share the files with only designated people. My client forced that issue by signing up for a Cloud service and he added me as a user so I can access all the data from wherever I happen to be at the time – either at the office, at home or even on the road. Anywhere that I can get online, I can access his data, add my own to it, and know that it will be backed up and kept safe.

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