Touch Up and Print

Computers and smart phones are great. I used all kinds of tech and digital equipment all the time. But every once in a wall, I come across something that I want to print. Usually I download the photo to my PC, touch it up with my photo editing software and then print it on photo paper. I have a little color printer at home that is slow but inexpensive. I can buy original ink cartridges online and have it delivered to my condo so that I never run out of printer supplies.

Some of my friends are using recycled ink, but I tried that once and saw a big difference in the print quality. I did an in-home experiment and printed two photographs on the same printer but used the recycled ink cartridge, then replaced it with an OEM cartridge. You could see the difference with the naked eye. It is much better to get genuine toner cartridges and avoid the recycled ink if the print quality is important to you.

The price difference is actually very low between a recycled cartridge and genuine ink cartridges. A couple of years ago you could save over half the cost by buying recycled. But now you hardly even save 20%. So when you see the fainter, lighter colors from the recycled ink as compared to OEM ink, you realize that saving only 20% is just not worth it.

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