Insane Workout

Since I’ve had my 3 year old Daughter Mia, I’ve been determined to get my body back into shape. The problem was finding time to do it, and finding an effective workout that would actually work for me and my schedule.

After a night out with the girls, one of my girl friends had mentioned her sister and herself were using the 60 day Insanity Workout program she had seen on TV late one night. I noticed in the past few weeks that they both were looking leaner and seem to have gained their self confidence back. She invited me over to try it and if I liked it she would let me borrow the full workout DVD kit and calender.

The workout is called Insanity for a reason, it is indeed insane to keep up with. I stuck with it for about 2 weeks and started seeing dramatic results and I couldn’t be any more thrilled. I am so happy she decided to share their secrets with me, I have most definitely found my all time favorite work out that actually works.

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