Blue Collar Workers Run In The Family

I come from long line and as well as a large family of blue collar workers. I have rarely seen any of the male members of my family in anything other than work clothes, unless we are attending a wedding or a funeral. I can tell you that a good chunk of change has been spent on good quality and appropriate clothing to be worn for these hard working men. Having the right clothes can make a big difference in their attitude and productivity as well. My mother has bought hundreds of overalls for men and can often be seen putting a needle and thread to good use in keeping these overalls sewn and patched up to extend their use.

I hate sewing but my mother has always seemed to enjoy it for some reason, so she is kept busy tending to Dad’s needs and my 4 brothers as well, that all still come to her (even though they don’t live at home anymore) and probably will always do as long as she is around and able to.  God bless my mother who still to this day, she packs my dad’s lunch box for him, along with a large thermos of hot black coffee to last him all throughout his work day. She will also have his coat, sweater, jacket or even one of his rain suits all laid out for him to stumble and sometimes grumble, his way into in the early morning hours that construction field requires. In the old days she would make him breakfast and have the morning paper on the table for him. But the last couple of years, he hasn’t wanted a big breakfast and he reads most of his news online or on the television so that have let their subscription expire. But she still gets up with him and sends him off with a kiss; she has been doing this for 30 years and has no intention of ever stopping. I love it!

This year for his birthday mom and I went online and found a great looking mens coat/ jacket that we are seriously considering purchasing for his birthday, which is fast approaching in the fall. He has needed a new jacket for the last few years but won’t make an attempt on replacing it, so mom and I decided to make the effort and hope he likes it. I think my dad would look real nice in this and it isn’t getting any warmer these days!

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