Do We Blame The Media for The Increase of Cosmetic Surgeries or What?

Talking with my sister this afternoon, we got onto the subject of cosmetic surgery and medispas, and how the whole business of looking good or looking better has really taken off this decade. I think a lot of that has to do with the medical advances, with new surgical procedures and the development of laser technology. My sister, on the other hand, says that the media is to blame – or to take the credit, depending upon which side of the argument you choose to take.The media shows perfect women and men, with shows all about losing weight, getting makeovers, and how to dress. The success of shows like The Biggest Loser” and “What Not to Wear” makes me think that her argument has merit.

Personally, I think most people do care about how they look and they pay attention to proper grooming, coordinating their wardrobe and reflecting a certain amount of conformity to fashion and current styles, such as the new eyeglass frames or the length of skirts and even pants. That’s why businesses like “Make Yourself Amazing” at are creating a strong internet presence, with informational articles and photos of before and after that help convince people to seek out self-improvement procedures. Did you know that the most common cosmetic procedure is for eyelids? The second most popular cosmetic procedure is rhinoplasty – also called a “nose job.” And the third most popular is liposuction surgery. All of these procedures have a reason they are so popular and are well accepted by society for both men and women. So the question remains – is it due to the media, pure vanity of this generation, or because the technology has improved to make it available at a reasonable cost?

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