Does This Trip Your Trigger Or What?

Guest Post Written By A Manvell

The very first ski trip that included my niece was when she was 10 years old and completely fearless. We went to Maine for a winter family retreat and booked several adjoining rooms in the lodge at Sunday River. The rooms were awesome – huge open rooms with plenty of closet space for storing ski gear and all the jackets and coats you need for outdoor activities. Each room including a small kitchenette, which we used for in room breakfasts and for soup and sandwiches for lunches. We ate out at local restaurants for dinner each night, and had a blast trying a variety of places. We even had one night at a comedy club that was completely family friendly and everyone had a blast. My niece took one ski lesson on our first day, and she headed off to the slopes full of energy and confidence. It was amazing to see her pick it up so quickly – she’s a natural. The entire trip was memorable.

People who love to snow ski have only a few options if they want to snow ski during the summer in the U.S. You can go someplace in the Southern Hemisphere where it is winter, or you can go to Oregon and ski on Mt. Hood. For people fortunate enough to live on the West Coast, Mt. Hood is huge recreational area that offers outdoor sports and activities all year. For people who love to ski or who compete in winter sports, Mt. Hood is an affordable domestic ski destination.

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