North or South

Back in the day when you retired, you headed south and moved to the sunny state of Florida. A while back, seniors started discovering that the weather was nice and warm in the states of New Mexico and Arizona, with a lot less humidity and they started migrating out west. As of late I’m hearing that the Carolina’s, both North and South, are becoming the “hot spot” for retiree’s, so I was surprised to hear that my elderly aunt and uncle are looking into Retirement Communities up in Canada. Leave it to one of my family members to throw me for a loop and open up my eyes to something insightful. Retirement Living in Canada seems to be a good alternative for seniors that aren’t all that crazy about living the rest of their lives in the warmer climates.

Believe it or not, there are people that don’t mind living in places that have a variety of seasons to offer and are not always hot and sunny! And Canada has a lot to offer.  My aunt and uncle are looking at Retirement Residences in the Ontario area, specifically and have turned to the Internet to help assist them in their search. With sites such as what has to offer, with a large database of over 24,000 retirement residences up in Canada, this will be a much easier task for them. I’m so glad that they are computer savvy. Many seniors are intimidated by today’s computers, but thankfully they both jumped at the chance to learn how to get around on the World Wide Web.  I wish them luck and look forward to hearing and seeing what they come up with.

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