Open That Door, Please

A wise woman once told me, “for every door that closes, God opens another door.” I’m pretty sure there is a paraphrase to that somewhere in the Bible, but I’m not even close to an expert on that. The point is, that for everything bad that happens you should have faith that someone good will come from it. The economy is struggling now and people are losing their houses, their jobs, and their health insurance. Yet all of these bad things that are happening will result in new opportunities for them and for others. One of the industries that are still growing and actually benefiting from the bad economy is the health care sector. Perhaps some people who would not have otherwise considered a career in health care may now pursue the medical fields. We have had a shortage of good nurses for years. Perhaps that will now change and the people who need medical help in the future will have better health care available to them.

With so many companies having layoffs and going bankrupt, I’m sure people who are working in troubled industries are getting paranoid and worried about their job security and future career path. Some people who are holding onto their jobs by a thread are very likely spiffing up their resumes and discretely starting a job hunt. Others may be looking harder at their resumes and credentials and considering going back to school to finish that degree, enhance or even change fields of expertise. People considering going back to school might be interested in applying for scholarships and grants to help with the additional expense. I recently read about a free college scholarships program that involves some participation in a fun and interesting way. Your activities in their program earn points toward free scholarships. If free scholarships are something that interests you, check out their web site at

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