Weddings In The Winter

It’s funny how I have received three invitations to wedding that are taking place in the winter months instead of the typical May and June weddings that have become the norm for so long. I guess a lot of folks held their weddings in May and June because those two months generally promised us some decent weather. We all know how bad weather can really put a damper (excuse the weather pun, please) on a wedding, so why people are turning to winter months that are generally wet and cold to hold their weddings. Even if the wedding and all the other festivities are to be held inside there is still a good amount of time that the wedding party and the guests have to brave the weather with the comings and the goings of everyone.

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Anyway I ran across this really cool Infographic that I enjoyed reading. It had some pretty interesting wedding trivia that might come in handy to some body at some point here on my blog. Hope you get something out of it as well. These Infographics are starting to pop up more and more on the Internet and I always seem to learn something from the ones that I run across from time to time.

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