Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Retractable Leashes, A Must For Our Dogs

My dogs are never allowed out of the house without being on a leash and that is the local law. But I don’t need the law to know about doing the right thing. I take the safety of my dogs and the safety of any passersby very seriously. Although my dogs have never bit anyone, they aren’t very sociable and I don’t want them or humans hurt for any reason if there is anything that I can reasonably do to prevent it.

So they go on a leash or they stay indoors. I like the retractable leash that goes about 20 ft. out. This way the dogs can run a bit and get their exercise rather than just keeping pace with me. I used to buy retractable cord leashes, but evidently they aren’t being made any more and the long ones are a tape leash. The only problem with the tape is that it is extremely easy to chew through it. The cord leash has a leader piece of thick fabric that is durable and much needed on the tape leash. I’m going to have to figure out something to put over the end of the tape lease so they can’t chew it. That’s my current “pet” project. No doubt in my mind that they are worth every bit of all the time, work, effort and money that is constantly needed, but it is always something something!