Coffee Drinkers Surveyed

Read an article on the internet that surveyed coffee drinkers to see what the most preferred brand of coffee was. Surprising to me, the Starbucks coffees did not rank very well, as the people surveyed said that it was too bitter or too strong for their tastes. The top ranked coffee turned out to be the Eight O’clock brand, so I searched my grocery store coffee aisle for it and was surprised to find a package on the shelf. It was reasonably priced and comparable to the other brands – within a dollar – so I bought a 12 oz. package and took it home for my own taste test.

12 oz of 8 O'clock coffee

Eight O’clock Coffee

You know – you used to buy coffee by the pound. But now all the packages are 12 ounces for the same price as a pound used to be. In some cases, the outer packaging is the same size as the original pound, they have just put less coffee in it the package and charged the same as the pound price. So I got my groceries home, unloaded and all put away while I made the new coffee according to package directions in the same pot I use every day. I didn’t like it. I’ll find someone to give it to that might drink it as I hate to just throw it all away, but I have no intention of drinking anymore of it.

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