Corruption In The Concert Ticket Business So Evident

There was a little noise a while back about Live Nation and Ticketmaster and the corruption in the ticket business. Now, this is just entertainment, it’s not the cure for cancer or the answer to world peace. But corruption in any industry begets further corruption and before you know it, society as a whole is in jeopardy of collapse. There were issues about Hannah Montana tickets and Bruce Springsteen tickets. But nothing every really happened to effect any change and since the ones “injured” had a one shot chance to gripe, they are no longer timely or in a position to benefit from pursuing their original complaints.

Personally, I think Tickmaster is one of modern day’s greatest scams and the fact that what should be a very low overhead and hugely profitable business enterprise is on the verge of bankruptcy just proves further to me that the entertainment industry if fraught with corruption and excessive greed, and I’m personally not inclined to support it any longer. You and I, the average citizen and fan, have almost zero chance of getting front row seats to any show, no matter when you show up in line to buy your tickets. We have to pay ridiculous processing and “convenience” charges on top of a high admission charge for the privilege of sitting in nosebleed seats. This is not fun to me and most definitely not a good entertainment value. Until I see some big changes to concert ticketing, I’m not going any more.

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