Kickstarting The Program Of Eating Healtheir

Spent a good amount of time talking with one of the clerks at the local mall, one that I don’t really know at all, about weight loss products and the different weight loss supplements, he mentioned something that I had not really considered to be a part of a weight loss plan: use of a good colon cleanser to kick start the program. If you think about it, the body has a lot of gunk as a byproduct of the bad food choices and unhealthy lifestyle that we live stored in fat cells and in the colon. So flushing all the gunk out of the way makes sense to clean away all the bad things and give your body a fresh new start. You will lose a few pounds from the cleansing and your body can process the new healthy foods more easily. So be good to your body and it will be good to you.

This week I am going to make a huge effort to eat a salad for lunch every day and skip the fast food traps. I bought two bags of mixed greens for $6 at the grocery and want to add a few other fresh vegetables to the salad each day. So I chose a Vidalia onion, a green bell pepper and a cucumber. On one day I will added a chopped hardboiled egg. Then the next day I will add a small can of tuna packed in water. On the third day I will have to start getting creative. Perhaps there will be a small handful of meat left over from dinner that I can cut up and toss on top of the greens. After that I will see what is in the refrigerator that can be used up and added to a salad, and if I have to go to the freezer for salad toppers, that’s OK, too.


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