Miami Executive Motel Sparked My Interest

Doesn’t this one picture make you want to see for yourself and be able to spend a day or two or for as long as you can reasonably manage. A place that I am sure is booked up pretty quickly for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in four weeks or so. I was shown the website today during a trip to the mall, by a gal, Felecia, who I know is currently working at the” Designer Sunglasses” kiosk, one of many of the kiosks that I have worked at throughout the years. This was usually during the Christmas holidays to help raise some of the much-needed cash to make our family Christmas a “Christmas To Remember” which all costs way too much money all the way around and is responsible for a whole lot of stress for so many people these days, but that’s for another time to talk about.

Executive Fantasy Hotels Miami

Miami Area Executive Fantasy Hotels

Anytime I go to our local mall I can count on seeing at least 2 or 3 people who I got pretty close to and that I try to keep in touch with. You know, I kinda go out of my way to stop by and talk, I’m a good listener so people in general leach onto me and once they latch one it is such a struggle to get them off of me. People just adore talking about themselves! So today when I went in to exchange or return a blouse that I changed my mind on after getting it home. I made sure that I made my way around to the section of the mall that I spent so much of my time in, and see who is working, stop and chit-chat. The only way to find out what the latest gossip and drama that is going on at our mall that which is a large gathering place and plays such an important role in our community.

Brenda K. was behind the counter at the cell phone kiosk, that woman is there more oft than not and somehow manages to keep her enthusiasm and excitement that is fresh, sincere and believable. She has a loyal customer base and is very popular with other various fellow mall workers that she has come to know and love for I believe over 13 years or so. She had this website up and was showing it to the Evan, the guy that works at the kiosk with all the watches and other time keeping devices when I came up behind them and over heard a few moments of their conversation concerning the Miami Executive Motel that someone who Brenda K. knows is going to for Valentine’s Day! It caught my attention enough for me to go home and look up to see for myself and I have to say that it’s a heck of a place that I would love to be able to enjoy for a couple days and nights. I had no idea that these places even existed. Felt kind of foolish…


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