Monthly Archives: February 2013

Camping Trips

There is an excellent web site about the George Washington National Forest that I’ve used for years. If you have an interest in tent camping or RV camping, the site has a lot of good information for both kinds of camp sites within the forest. There are evidently 25 camping areas within the Forest. The list tells you what is available for services, if any, and what is nearby. Check it out before going – knowledge is power.

The last tent camping trip I took was a long time ago but still fresh in my memory. The camp site was a primitive camping area in the George Washington National Forest, in Virginia. You get there by taking the Woodstock exit off I-66 and driving at barely 5 mph for about 20 minutes up, down and around a mountain on the narrowest, steep and treacherous road I’ve ever driven. It was exhilarating and frightening and totally worth it. The river winds its way through the mountains and foothills and eventually meets up with the Potomac River at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

The time I go camping it will be in a RV and not a tent, you couldn’t pay me enough money to deal with all that goes along with camping in the wilderness (or even the back yard) in a sleeping bag in a tent. It’s RV or nothing at this time of my life.