Ready for a New Cell Phone

My cell phone has been good to me, but it is not a “smart phone” and all my friends have the Androids and iPhones and it is getting hard to justify not getting a smart phone, too. There are all these really cool features and apps for the smart phones that you just can’t get on a regular, old school cell phone.

My favorite app that I’ve seen so far is the one that disables the phone ringer when you are sleeping. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get some sleep and someone calls me and wakes me up. That makes me so mad, but with my old school phone there is no way to stop it from ringing unless I turn the whole phone off. So, if you want to use the cell phone as an alarm clock, you have to leave the phone on and take the chance that people won’t be calling you. With the smart phone, you can use the alarm clock AND the call block to make sure you get your sleep undisturbed.