New Fan of the show “The Americans”

Last night I watched another episode of the cable TV show, “The Americans.” Next week is the season finale. I can’t believe it is going to be over already. It seems like i just started watching it, and now it is one of my favorite shows!

The basic storyline is about a middle aged couple who are living in Northern Virginia as undercover spies for Russia. They have to do a lot of surveillance and some dirty deeds and report back to Russia. Of course, the FBI and the CIA are always a threat and they cross paths a lot, without actual confrontations yet.

The couple are pretending to be happily married and have two children together, they run a travel agency, and they have a network of people in the DC area who help them. But the very cool part is that the time period is back in the 1980’s, so they have to be careful with wardrobe, sets and props to be period specific. It is like peeking into my own past sometimes, with old console TV sets, Tupperware, Harvest Gold kitchen appliances.

It’s an interesting show with a lot of twists and turns, some gun play and stabbings, and a lot of relationship drama. I really love this show and look forward to an exciting finale – but it will be bittersweet, because I don’t want the show to end.