Selling Hotel and Restaurant Supplies

One of the first jobs that my sister had was after school when she was 16 and wanted to make some money for makeup and clothes that our parents would not buy for us. She got a job with a restaurant and hotel supply company and I got a job at the grocery store called Safeway.

We had to share a car to get back and forth to our jobs, which, of course, were all the way across town from each other. The store that i worked at was in a really nice neighborhood and had a place on the bus line where I could get most of the way home on a Metro bus, so sometimes I let her take the car to get back and forth to her job when we could work out the scheduling right. She learned about towels and linens and glassware, while I learned about produce and bakery items. She learned about Hotel Bar Supplies and I learned about rotating inventory and pricing canned goods.

In today’s world, hotel managers can buy what they need online and have everything shipped to them using UPS or Fed Ex. A quick search of┬áHotel Supply Online and you find the Peachsuite company, which sells all the same things that my sister used to sell from that little warehouse in Shirlington. It’s actually faster and easier to order online for many reasons, but I think sometimes you benefit from seeing new things or unexpected things when you walk into a store.

I think if you are going to shop online that you should search for the items that you want to order but you should also browse the site for other items. Sometimes you can be surprised at new products you never knew existed, and sometimes you can find bargains if you are flexible. I like to look around of the Atlanta Hotel Supply site and see if there are any bargains that I can use at home as well as at work. We have a little lunch kitchen at the office and we keep it stocked with real plates and flatware instead of wasteful and expensive disposables. And when we have big meetings in the conference room, real dishes and glasses are noticed and appreciated by the Board of Directors and our high value customers. So finding bargains on glassware or even napkins and serving ware can be helpful in keeping the kitchen well stocked.