To Rent or Buy DVDs Today

So I have to admit, occasionally I would rent adult DVDs at the local mom and pop shop down the road around town. I found there to be a pretty good selection for a small video store, but then I got bold and made it to an adult video “specialty shop” I guess you would call it. Now that opened my eyes to all kinds of incredibly hardcore movies that I had not thought I would ever see.

Now that I have the chance to checkout various adult DVD production companies at the local rental shop a few times, I have decided to start buying a few at a time online. One place that I have enjoyed is adult DVDs online they have pretty shopping pages, it’s easy to find my favorite porn directors such as Michael Ninn and delivery has been quick.

I have found that it is much easier to just order a few that I know are going to be good and watch them as I get a chance, then order a few more the next month. I have not used any of those DVDs in mail rental services yet, I wonder if I could stand not getting the movie I wanted when I wanted it. I wonder how many other people choose to rent instead of buy and if the experience is as good as buying.

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