Weekend Gremlins Partied in our Office

Man oh man, got to work early this morning and walked into a big mess. Right off the bat I had to deal with bugs in the phone system AND in the computer network. And sorry, I’m a little ticked off that I’m the one who had to deal with it all. In my book this is the responsibility of the Office Manager.

The phones were offline when I came in. Thank GOODNESS it was easy enough to fix by pushing the reset button on the box in the closet.

The network was another problem. The printer/fax/copier that everyone shares was offline and the new color laser printer that we all share was also offline. Since almost no one was at work yet, I just turned off everything related to computer and printers thorughout the whole office and then rebooted the main├é┬ácomputer. Hooray – that worked, too.

I have no idea how all these problems came up over the weekend. Everything was fine when I left on Friday.

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