When You don’t Want to Send Flowers

My son was looking for suggestions on what to send his dad in the hospital and really doesn’t want to send flowers.

So I suggested a gourmet gift basket. Not that his dad is a gourmet kind of guy, but we will know that the quality of the food and coffee will be the top of the line. I know that when you are sick nothing tastes right anyway, so if you send the best at least they have a fighting chance of enjoying the food. Do you follow my logic? Especially for guys who are picky about their food – you want it to be the best you can find so you have a good chance of satisfying their taste.

We found a site on the internet with information about a variety of gourmet gift baskets. It didn’t take long to spot a great cheese basket that has an assortment of cheeses and crackers – perfect for an anytime snack. So there he goes, and then off we go to the show!

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