A Great Date

One of my guys that I met over the internet arranged for an awesome first date. I’ll never forget that trip and how much fun we had.

I had to go there for business and he lived within a half day’s drive, so we arranged the weekend around the business purpose. As it happened, the dates of my business trip coincided with a professional baseball game in the same city. So he bought two good tickets and picked me up at the airport. We had dinner at a nice little restaurant and then found a liquor store where he bought all the ingredients to make a special recipe cocktail. Back at the hotel, he mixed up a big batch of the cocktail and we went down to the hotel hot tub.

It was so much fun soaking in the hot tub and getting to know each other better. We met several other nice couples who came down for a soak, too. The cocktail was potent and easy to drink. He had even thought to bring some of his favorite CD and a portable CD player so we had good music to listen to.

The baseball game was great fun, and when I left for home, we knew we would see each other again.

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