Dating for Different Reasons

Thinking back to my high school years, dating was all about finding the one special guy who would think that I was someone special and want to marry me. I wanted a guy who was smart and knew what kind of career would suit his talents and skills and enable him to make plenty of money to support us in the same lifestyle that I grew up with. I wanted him to be a good father to our future children and someone who I could proudly tell any and every one, “This is my husband.”

Well, that sure didn’t work out. After the divorce, I dated with a whole different purpose. I just wanted to go out dates to have fun, and I wasn’t the least bit interested in getting married again – or even maintaining a long term relationship. I wanted to meet as many different people as I could and have as much fun as I could. I loved being single and I still do.

But if you are more like the young Selena and looking for a serious relationship, there are sites with good advice for you. In today’s world it is hard to keep a relationship going long term, and finding good advice might make the difference in your future with that special someone. It is even harder if you have challenges to overcome, such as interracial dating or long distance relationships, or even relationships with someone who is is public office or in the public eye.

If you are thinking about getting married, I strongly suggest premarital counseling through a church or with a professional counselor. You will need their help and guidance and a lot work on both parts with a little bit of luck to make a marriage work in today’s society.

Good luck to you!

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