Diet Drinks

Although I rarely drink any kind of soda or carbonated beverage, when I do drink a soda I prefer the real deal and avoid the diet drinks. Personally, I’ve never like the taste or the aftertaste of the sugar substitutes. I can tell from one sip if it is real or a sugar substitute.

I have a friend who is fighting diabetes and only drinks diet sodas. He says that the sugar in the real sodas is too dangerous to his diabetes and that he got used to the taste of the diet sodas. I feel bad for anyone who has to compromise their taste in chossing a beverage.

Catching up with my reading today I came across a story in the Washington Post that says “Sugar Substitutes May Contribute to Weight Gain.” Now, isn’t that a kick in the teeth? All these people with diabetes who think they are doing something good less harmful to their bodies by choosing a diet soda may be actually adding to their problem of weight management.

When I have more time I’m going to look deeper into this issue.

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