Recycling Inkjets

I found a website about recycling inkjet cartridges months ago and liked the way they profile several different suppliers so I can check the different ones and find the best deals, so I have bookmarked the web site and I send the link to friends who ask about discount laser printer toner supplies.

I’ve been using an HP 1020 laser printer, and the retail cost of a new toner cartridge is over $60. By using the website to find a refill and a coupon for free shipping, I got a refilled toner cartridge for under $40.

There are comparable savings on the different color cartridges for my Epson photo printer. The Epson requires 6 different cartridges and goes through ink like string through a duck.

At work we use a variety of printers, so I gave our Purchasing Manager the link and I know we are recycling both the inkjet cartridges and the laser toner cartridges, and using refilled cartridges at work, too. No one has complained about the quality or had any issues – knock on wood – so I guess that speaks well for the idea of saving money and saving the environment at the same time with printer cartridges.

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