Why a Calling Card?

The biggest thing to hit the convenience stores here lately is the big rack of international calling cards. These phone cards are mushrooming everywhere I go.

I have to admit that I’ve never bought a phone card, so I decided to do a little internet research to find out why they are suddenly so popular. I ended up at a site called Get Me Calling Cards and poked around their links.

When I am ready to buy, I need to decide what kind of card I want to buy. There are some that are rechargeable, some need a PIN number, some are prepaid and disposable. Some of the cards have better discounts on certain countries than others. I think it is important to become as informed as possible before making a purchase so you don’t waste any money on unused minutes or buying a card that doesn’t offer the best price for the country you need to call.

I think it would be a good idea to have a rechargeable card when we go to London later this month. Rather than spending money on hotel surcharges when calling long distance, I can use the phone card to make calls and save money on each call.

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