Be Careful While Shopping

Last night I stopped by Kroger to pick up a few things. This was a neighborhood that is on my way home from work – not my own neighborhood.

On my way back to the car with my cart, I noticed a couple of men standing around the back of there car, a few spots away from mine. It was a little odd to see 3 men in the grocery store parking lot – it was not like they were waiting for their wives to shop. I had an uneasy feeling that they were in the middle of an illegal deal. They kept looking at me and talking low between themselves.

I was very uncomfortable being there and decided to be more guarded with putting the groceries into my car. Instead of opening the back where I had to bend over and lean into the back of the SUV, I opened the passenger side door with my remote key clicker and put the groceries in the floorboard. Then I walked quickly to the driver’s door and used my key clicker to open the door.

As soon as I got into the car all three men started walking toward me. That totally freaked me out, so I locked the door, started the car and quickly drove in the other direction. I don’t think they were walking toward me to be friendly or to go into the store – I think they had bad intentions. I am still very upset about the whole episode.

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