Health Check

Funny how my son kept bringing up health issues and asking medical questions over the past couple of days. Turns out his dad has been pretty sick the past several months and he has a lot of that on his mind.

I haven’t heard from or talked to his dad for years. We’ve been divorced now for twice as long as our miserable marriage and he doesn’t figure in my life. But of course, he is still the dad to my sons and they call him once in a while to stay in touch.

The last drama with his dad was a trip to the ER due to high blood pressure problems. I asked if he’s got a blood pressure monitor, but my son didn’t know. So I showed him a website I know of that is a healthcare portal. I love this site because it has lots of good information on several different conditions and is all about promoting good health, not just treating the sick or selling insurance.

For instance, they carry exercise mats and exercise balls, pedometers, and sleep aids like the foam pillows and back supports. Have you seen the “chillow” – what a great idea!

Cabby used this site to buy his knee brace when he slipped and fell on the ice last winter and hurt his knee. Maybe you will find something of interest on the site, too!

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