Targeted IT Training

So much of what I have learned over the years about computers and the internet is a result of my working in the industry and having hands-on experience with a variety of computer systems and computer programs. Not only was I able to teach myself as I went along, but I always had a full staff of talented and incredibly smart IT guys just across the aisle from my cubicle or office to answer any questions I might have.

Keep in mind I was working for a huge systems integration company, back in the 1980’s, and then later I worked for one of the largest telecom companies in the world. I turned down jobs with a brand new company, AOL, because I got bad vibes from the tour of their facility during my interview with them. Sometimes I kick myself for not taking that opportunity, but I had a gut feeling about it and there is no sense crying over spilled milk.

Now the younger people who are just graduating from college or a computer tech school have to work harder to catch up with me. They have to absorb a lot of information and then take specialized training classes on their choice of operating system or programming language, such as the F5 training courses at Milestone Systems.

Back when I was working with computers, everything was new and exciting and there was not much to go on for making a decision about which system was worth pursuing versus which systems would soon be obsolete. It’s much more stabile now, although there are still news developments happening all the time. But if you take a classic course, like the series of Cisco IronPort training courses, you will have an edge over the next crop of tech school graduates looking for their first job in the computer industry.

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