When Finding Health Insurance is up to You

Played a few spades games with Cabby tonight. It was pretty much a draw – he played well and I couldn’t find a decent partner, so that’s the way it goes. Besides, I can’t win all the time.

Chatting during the games, Cabby was telling me that once Steph graduates from college in May, he will no longer be eligible for health insurance coverage under his dad’s policy. Even though England has socialized medicine, most of the middle class have private health insurance, too. With Steph’s diabetes, Cabby is worried he will have trouble finding insurance.

After the game, we looked at some internet sites to get a handle on health insurancefor Steph. I found a website called BUPA that had a lot of good information, not only about insurance but also about health conditions and healthy living guides.

It looked promising enough that Cabby is going to talk with Steph about filling in an application and getting a quote. Cross your fingers for Steph.

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