I Appreciate Good Landscaping

Finding this B&B was a stroke of luck for me. I love my room . . . actually I love the whole house. It is so charming and cozy. The owners have also done a beautiful job with the landscaping, and since I have spent so much time outside today I can really appreciate all the hard work they have put into the property.

They have a little patio area in the back with a partial wall of stone and lots of plants. I’ve been sitting here with my laptop and just chilling for the past couple of hours. One really nice feature of the patio is the LED lighting that the owners have installed around the perimeter and in the trees. It makes such a nice magical atmosphere.

In chatting with the owner this evening, he was telling me about the advantages of the new LED lighting. They are energy efficient and besides being beautiful, they add an element of safety and security to the home. I asked him for landscape lighting tips and he spent a good amount of time talking with me about where he bought the LED lights, how to install them, and also a few things that I didn’t realize, such as LED is available in solar powered products.

This is something I could easily do at home, and now I’m seriously considering adding LED lighting as my next project.

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