Saving Money Buying Wholesale

Always looking for a bargain, I surfed my way to a very interesting website this morning, called Light in the Box. I was looking for a Wii for my grandson, which is still in short supply. Yesterday I went and/or called all the game stores in town and could not find one. So I turned to the internet and came across this company in China that sells wholesale electronics, jewelry, sporting goods and electronics – very very cheap. I love this company!

I would not have thought that shopping a China Wholesale site would be a place for me as an individual to shop. But I have reconsidered that and I’ll tell you why, and if you have a store, this is a place to seriously consider buying some items for resale.

As an individual consumer, I’m very attracted to wholesale pricing and want to find the best bargains. I’m just concerned about having to buy in large quantities, although I do that here at Sam’s Club, and sometimes I have joined in with a local group like a co-op to make bulk purchases and save a lot of money. So it’s the same thing here on the internet!

In reading the website, which is in english, I see that the company is willing to sell single items as a sample. There you go! I can buy what I want at bargain prices, and the website lets me pay in U.S dollars, and I can get the Wii for my grandson! I even found a few things that I want to buy, like a state-of-the-art dvd camcorder and Bluetooth gear.

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