Thinking about Furniture

Of course, when I buy my condo in Florida, I’ll need furniture. This will be not only a second home to me but also possibly something that I can rent out to tourists as a furnished condo for a week at a time.

It will be really nice to start from scratch and not have to accommodate the different pieces of furniture that I already own. I can actually buy things that match and are functional.

There is a site on the net that has all the furniture online with free shipping, called furniture from home. I have been looking at the different bedroom suites and found something I really like – a platform bed with matching dresser and night stands for a very reasonable price.

For the living room, there are so many to choose from, that I haven’t made up my mind. I’m leaning toward a sectional sofa and contemporary rocker, with a nice espresso finished wood coffee table and black accent chest.

I might also order the furniture for the second bedroom from the same site. It would be nice to have everything coming from one place – less to worry about. There are several things I like about this site – the ability to search by color of the wood or by type of furniture or by other criteria. The photos make it easy for me to picture them in my own home, and they have a cool feature that shares tips and tricks.

When I’m ready to buy and order my new furniture, I’ll be back here.

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