A Kick Out of the Nest

My sister has her hands full with domestic issues and one thing that has been particularly distressful has been her oldest son’s “failure to launch.” He is in his late 20’s and still at home, and has used up about all the “I’m still in school” excuses. Now he is just “depressed.”

I told her last night that it is time for the mother bird to kick him him from the nest. Let the boy fly! If it would help, he can move down here and I’ll help him find a job and get a place to live.

We can use this new job search website that uses technology to do the hard work of comparing your job skills with the positions listed. This is a big difference from the old way of using keywords to do the job search. If you list the skills, you can home in on a more targeted area for comparing your interests. Everyone has uniques job skills – even a recent college graduate like my nephew.

Once he come down and we can site down to go over the Job listing, I’m sure we can find something that will catch his interest and start his career off on a good path. This is an exciting time of his life – all the new horizons!

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