Helping teens

On the flight to Orlando I sat next to an interesting gentleman from Arizona, Don Saffer, the headmaster of a private school for teens that are called underachievers. He was so enthusiastic about his school and their program, it was very uplifting to talk with him. The name of the school is “The Fenster School” and they have a website that he suggested I visit.

I had researched alternative education programs when my step sons were teenagers. I even considered a teen boarding school, but my husband (at the time) freaked out on that idea and wanted to keep the boys close under his wing. I still think they would have been better off at a school like The Fenster School, but he never really cared about my thoughts on raising his sons. And seeing how they turned out, I’m glad he can take all the blame.

Anyway, it was nice to meet Mr. Saffer and to see that some kids do get the help they need – I wish him all the best with his school.

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