Diamonds As Currency

Was thinking about the best place to buy diamonds in today’s world. I know it is not from the local jewelry store at the shopping mall, but my guess is probably somewhere online, since you can buy diamonds from stores located everywhere in the world instead of relying on a place down the street.I heard Antwerp was a great place to buy and sell diamonds and that millions of dollars worth of diamonds get sold there everyday with just a handshake and a promise.

When I looked around online I was able to find many places selling diamonds but most were either an affiliate of another company or did not have a website that did not look good enough that.

I would trust sending several thousand dollars to. What got me to buy from the diamonds store I bought from i choose them because they were BBB certified and they were apart of the Google Check Out program and were rated very highly by other shoppers who had used their services in the past. The one thing I like about diamonds as currency is no matter what land you are in diamonds are always worth something and they are small and light and can be easily carried and concealed as compared to lugging around thousands of pounds of gold bars.

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