Disposable Laptops

My son called me this morning, getting ready for his trip to L.A. and just wanted to touch base. He has settled into his new place in Atlanta and this will be hist first business trip going through Hartsfield airport in years. His flight is on American and I sure hope that by now they have fixed all their safety issues that caused so many flights to be canceled the past couple of weeks.

His only problem is that his laptop isn’t working right and he decided to not even take it with him on the trip. He can order a new one and have it shipped to his hotel in L.A., and then download his data from the internet. The reason this plan will work is because he took my advice months ago and signed up for the online backup service from fastteks.com

I’m so glad he listened to me – losing your data really stinks. Once you’ve suffered through a hard drive crash or a laptop being stolen, you appreciate having an online backup and data recovery service. All he has to do is take the new laptop, get online and then download all his information from his old laptop onto the new one, and he’s on his way!

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