Edge of Fashion

For lunch the broker took us to a little neighborhood place near the warehouses. It had a lot of local “flavor” in the people that were eating there and the people who worked there. I can’t say as much for the food, but I had just ordered a burger and it was OK.

Our waitress was very young and edgy on her style of clothes and makeup. she wore a lot of the goth style things and her eye makeup with extremely black. Her tee shirt was too short and her exposed stomach showed off her navel ring. A lot of the teens and college kids here seem to wear banana studs in their eyebrows, tongue studs, and other body jewelry. Gosh, when I was a kid it was cutting edge to go get your ears pierced. Now they are piercing everything, including their nose.

Lydia struck up a conversation with the waitress about the piercings and body jewelry. She relates well to younger people. We came away from the pub with a website address to buy wholesale body jewelry and a picture of Lydia and our waitress hugging and grinning. It was a little bizarre but a fun lunch.

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