Telling Time

While riding with our broker today I noticed that his watch was very much like the Tag Heuer watch that our CEO wears. When I complimented him on it, he grinned and admitted that it is a replica watch. He said his wife had found a website that sells replica watches and had bought the Tag Heuer watch for him for his birthday last year.

It is amazing how much it looks like the real thing. He could have just blown me off and told me hs wife bought it for him without admitting it was a replica and I probably never would have known the difference. But in a strange way I think he was proud that his wife found it so affordable and bought it for him. He would never have splurged on a real Tag Heuer watch for himself, and admitting it was a replica just added to my belief that he has a lot of integrity and professionalism – for a salesman.

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